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The Story So Far...

The greatest end to a Cleric's life, is a well deserved rest in their chosen afterlife...but sometimes. Sometimes...the Afterlife finds a way.

Accidentally resurrected from their eternal slumber, join the newly undead Cleric, as they go around healing where it hurts (even if that means damaging themself). Will they find the eternal rest they're looking for? Will they finally get to sleep in? Or will they be doomed to walk this world forever healing/hurting in a revenge and possibly brain craving filled wake?

What is this?

This is a VERY rough beginning proof of concept.

This game was conceived and made as part of the GMTK Game Jam 2023. Nearly all the art, sound and coding assets (unless otherwise credited) were made within the 48 hour jam period. 

The theme was "Roles Reversed" and we really liked the idea of a Cleric, or healing based character, that was suddenly your major damage dealer. This is sort of rolled into the class in a traditional sense, as healing/holy magic is harmful to undead/unholy creatures, which led us down the path of the cleric being undead (due to unfortunate circumstances). What we had REALLY wanted to do, was have an option to pacify the enemies so they could fight on your behalf, have a mechanic where you had to die to succeed, and progressively got lower in level/less powerful. We knew these were beyond our time frame, so settled with the super basics and will happily add the rest to the stack of other ideas to look at later.

Who did this?

Hi! We're CodeLitter. A small studio split between Texas and Wisconsin working in Academia and Non-Profits and doing games in the tiny bit of free time we managed to find. We all dabble in a bit of everything, which is handy until it comes to jobs no one actually wants to do.
Our general breakdown is:
Programmers: Issac and Natalie (Patricia, sometimes)
Artists: Patricia, Juan (Natalie, sometimes)
Sound: Luis, Issac, Natalie (never Patricia. EVER.)
General Management and Level Design: Juan


A Clerical Error 46 MB

Install instructions

-Download the zip
-Extract the zip
-Double click the .exe

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