Kamikaze Usagi needs to get...places. Where, you ask? Where indeed. Will you find her destination?

No. Of course not! 

Kamikaze Usagi is an infinite scrolling game where you attempt to avoid collision with all the space junk out there while managing your fuel. How far will you make it?

Use arrow keys or A and D to avoid the space junk coming at you. It takes about 5km to start seeing junk!

Kamikaze Usagi was lovingly, frustratingly made by CodeLitter during the Space Bunny Jam where we unleashed our novice coder on the game and then refused to help him until the last day.

CodeLitter is comprised of:

Juan C Gonzalez--Project Manager, designer, and above mention novice coder

Issac Irlas--Our programmer, who was probably screaming and rewriting the code throughout the whole jam

Patricia Sipes--Artist. Who was blissfully happy working in her own little corner and making more things than could be implemented.

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