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You have been given an invitation to explore a house. A very ordinary house. Or so you've been told. You've been paid. Given the key. Left to your own devices. And left locked in the house.  Maybe it's not so ordinary after all.

This is a very early prototype/proof of concept/puzzle tests. There will be bugs. WALKTHROUGH BELOW INSTRUCTIONS

You play as an investigator, tasked with looking into an abandoned house only to find yourself locked inside. Solve the puzzles and...that's it. There's no real ending or anything built up past that. 


WASD to move, 

Left click to interact/view

Right click to exit view/ drop current item

Scroll to circulate through items/ clear hand


At the current moment, we have implemented the use of pop ups/narrative to help  navigate through the house. Certain items will include text hints to help solve the puzzles. Other than that, the puzzles will need to be solved based on what's presented to you. The was additional puzzle that was not implemented, and that can be seen as one of the assets is still in the game itself.

For the main puzzle, you're looking for 4 tarot cards that are hidden throughout the house (two on the first floor, two on the second floor). They are being lit up by a particle effect to make them more visible than they previously were. To pick them up, you left click and then roll your mouse wheel to put it into your inventory (if you need to drop something from your inventory, right click with it being held). Once all 4 are in your inventory, take them to the tarot box in the master bedroom and place them on the box. Once you do, the grate on the fireplace will fall over and the box will unlock, revealing a fifth card. Pick up the card and take it to fireplace and drop it (right click with it in hand). If this doesn't trigger the end event, then pick the card back up and 
that should do it.  

Some doors will be locked and require a key. One such door is the door to the office. The key to this door can be found in the mouth of the deer head. The book puzzle can be found here. 

On a shelf in the office is a book, clicking it reveals that it belongs on the shelf with a few other books. 
The remaining two can be found on the first floor in the left wing of the house. And the third book can be found in the room with the pad lock. Place all the books on the bottom shelf and the key to the master bedroom will be revealed.

For the lock puzzle...it's a wee bit broken. The correct way to do it has you finding a paper with the combination. The lazy/easy/my preferred cheat way, click on the lock, hold your left mouse button and roll it to rotate the lock piece until the door opens. 


ProjectWoe_FragmentJam_Build2_withWalkthrough 721 MB

Install instructions

Download the project and open the folder. The README file contains a walkthrough (in case you get stuck) . Fragment-jam-2019.exe is the game and I promise does not have a virus even if your antivirus software thinks it does. I highly suggest playing in windowed mode.

Development log


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