Travel through a winter wonderland as a button-eyed Yeti bent on destroying the town. Can you get past the cliffs? Can you beat the snowball range in time? How about sitting through your own tragic love story and maybe a maze or two? And will you remember why you were trying to destroy the town in the first place once you get there?

...or why you have button eyes?


***Click the powerups on the level select to add unique powers for the next level

**** The storybook, targets, and cave on the far right are the only levels currently accessible

WASD---------> move

Mouse--------> camera move

LEFT click---> shoot/navigate

space bar----> jump

space bar x2-> double jump

ESC----------> regain mouse control outside of game window


Yeti Frenzy was created for the 1+1=3 Game Jam

It was created by a team of 5 people with no life over the course of a week.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez: Production Lead (world building, asset control, modelling)

Issac Irlas: Programming Lead (His fingers are on EVERYTHING)

Nicholas Guerra: Programming and Writer (Text adventure is all his. He also made the title screen and a few other GUI things)

Nathan Contreras: Programming (Slacker. He did find music, though)

Patricia Sipes: Artist (She modelled lots of things. And textured them)


EVERYTHING except Yuri-chan's model, the trees, the music and the skybox were created during the week. Yuri-chan was created by our artist at an earlier date, but the trees, music and skybox were free use assets (Please see credits in game).


All the models (except those above), were primarily made in ZBrush with projections down to low poly forms.

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